About Us

Alika Green Tech is one of the oldest CNG installation centres in Pune. We run CNG and LPG Kit Installation Centre since 2001 and have installed various Kits in over 3000 Vehicles. It’s been more than a decade that Alika Green Tech has been serving in CNG and LPG Kit Installation; more than 3000 vehicles are served by Alika Green Tech. Our LPG and CNG Kits are imported from Italy and other countries. We also install qualified and Government certified CNG and LPG Kits in different cars. We are Supplier of an extensive range of CNG products & Component. In addition, we are a service provider of CNG Cylinder Testing. These are acknowledged among clients for durable & quality performance.

Alika Green Tech has now become a pioneer in providing integrated solutions facilitating smooth & efficient transition of vehicular fuel sources from fuels such as petrol & diesel to a CNG fuel source. We at Alika Green Tech, have earned the reputation for high standards of quality and for our capability to comply with the most stringent specifications.

Our team of Alika Green Tech is capable of installing CNG conversion kits, providing CNG Gas Kit in Pune and related spare parts. We have been serving clients for more than 12 years and our expertise allow us to install this CNG Gas Kit in any vehicle. We are well known for the comprehensive range of safety and standard approvals of our products & services.

Why CNG Kit?

CNG is an eco-friendly and wallet friendly fuel. The main component of CNG fuel is Methane (CH4), the finest fuel that comes out from the Gasoline Tanks even before LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas-C2H6). CNG is lighter than air and hence it rises even when mixed with air. Low density CNG gas with air does not catch fire. CNG is safer than petrol if proper precautionary measures are taken. CNG fuel does not pollute environment because combustion of methane emits only carbon dioxide (CO2). Percentage of carbon monoxide emission after CNG combustion is negligible.

Installation of CNG Gas Kit in petrol vehicles is done under the guidance of VRDE (Government Institute) and ARAI (Automobile Institute).

CNG cars are fuel efficient and comparatively cost effective especially for those who drive petrol vehicles daily. It is properly installed and it runs just like your petrol or diesel cars. Every CNG kit is tested under experts and then installed. It is approved from the legal authorities and tested so that it is safe for your vehicle.


Benefits Of CNG & LPG

Electronic Materials

CNG or LPG burns cleaner than petroleum based products because of its lower carbon content, hence it is far less pollutant than petrol. CNG or LPG produces 20-30% fewer greenhouse gas emissions and 95% fewer tailpipe emissions than petroleum products.


CNG or LPG does not contain lead and does not contaminate crankcase oil, so not only the spark plug but the life of other parts of the car is extended. Hence the overall maintenance cost is reduced and the engine life increases.


Compared to petrol or diesel, CNG or LPG is far inexpensive. Hence, the car mileage also affects in a positive way. Within Rs.500 – Rs.800, a CNG or LPG tank is filled which can travel long distances.


CNG or LPG fuel storage tanks are stronger and safer than petrol or diesel tanks reducing the likelihood of accidental release. If released, CNG disperses quickly into the air instead of on the ground, reducing the risk of fire and ground contamination.

Cleaner fuel

Cleaner Fuel means the combustion is not as harmful as petrol or diesel. With an alternative like CNG or LPG, combustion doesn’t cause adverse effects on the engine and thus its life span increases, thereby reducing costs too.

Better Performance

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