CNG Cylinder Testing


It tests the CNG cylinder for its pressure handling strength, to ensure safety, at any government authorized CNG fitting Centre. A testing certificate or authentication is an indicator for the CNG providers at the CNG station indicating that your cylinder is safe.
Providers at the CNG station indicating that your cylinder is safe. No such provider in Pune offers CNG Cylinder Testing services. Our team has expanded its expertise and our work ranges right from trading to installation and even testing.


To get long term benefits of CNG Kits, it is very essential to get CNG Cylinder Testing done after 3 years of installation.
It is a type of check-up for the cylinders, to make sure the life of the kit is long. It cannot be delayed because negligence may increase the risk of danger. Testing can help the user stay assured of the quality and avail advantages like:


  • Checking if there are no corrosions, leakage, and dent etc. can be identified through.
  • Testing process makes it safe for the user and also assures that there are no fire hazards involved.
  • Ensures the regular flow of CNG usage and suspects all the errors.
  • A very pocket-friendly test.